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How Do I Choose a Shower Glass in Avocado Heights, CA? Wall Panels & Edges to Match Bathroom & More

When deciding to update your bathroom and you want glass shower doors and/or enclosures there are a few factors to consider. Adding a glass door and enclosure isn’t as simple as many people think it is. Often each shower door or enclosure requires custom cut glass and more. M & M Glass will share some tips and considerations when choosing a glass shower enclosure and door.

Glass Shower Wall Panels to Match the Bathroom

It may seem odd to say that you should match your glass shower with your bathroom, since glass is transparent. However, there are many different types of glass and designs to choose from. There are framed and frameless glass as well as transparent to frosted glass. When investing in a bathroom remodel or you have a custom theme and design to your bathroom, make sure to get the right type of glass to compliment your bathroom. You will want the glass to feel cohesive. Therefore, when installing a glass shower make sure it fits with your bathroom. Along with picking the right glass, you often have your choice of hardware such as handles and hinges. If you pick a framed glass make sure the hardware and the frame matches. This is a common mistake and one that can drive a homeowner crazy. When choosing a framed glass ask about the framed color and if there are different color frames and matching hardware.

How Do You Finish the Edges of Glass?

When it comes to a framed glass enclosure or door, you do not see the edge of the glass. However, if you choose one that is frameless you will see the glass edge. When installing a frameless glass door and enclosure ask you glass installer about the types of glass edges. There are many different cuts or edges used for frameless glass. The top five edges are:
• Cut and Swiped or Seamed Edges
• Grind and Chamfer or Bevel
• Pencil Grind
• Pencil Polished
• Flat Polished
It can be easy to overlook the glass edge, however once installed you will see it. To ensure you like every aspect of the glass shower do not forget about the edges. Your glass installer may have fewer or more edges to choose from. Each varies so do forget to ask about the edge and what cut options are available.

How High Should a Shower Be Placed?

People know well how shower curtains can allow water to leak out and all over the floor. Many people assume that a glass enclosure will keep all of the water inside the shower. However even glass enclosures are not water tight and they can still allow water to leak. Glass does contain most of the water and will greatly help reduce water leakage. However, it helps to consider the shower’s height and placement. Many people, when taking a shower, will have the shower run for a few seconds before getting inside the shower. To avoid the initial cold blast of water is to run the water before entering. This is where water leaks mostly occur. Depending on the direction of the shower head, you can reduce the amount of the water that comes out when entering the shower.

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When installing a glass shower door and/or enclosure make sure to get everything you want out of your bathroom. For quality glass services, contact M & M Glass today.

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