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How Do I Inspect Windows in Fullerton, CA? Check for Air Drafts, Condensation, Cracks, Failing Seal & More

Whether you are trying to determine if you should replace your windows, just their glass panes, or simply want to make sure your windows are energy efficient, you will want to inspect your home’s windows. Window inspection for which ever scenario is essentially the same. If your windows have a problem they are most likely not energy efficient, and they need to be repaired or replaced. As the homeowner you should inspect your windows once a year for any possible problems or flaws. M & M Glass will share how to inspect your home’s windows to ensure they do not need repair, replacement and that they are energy efficient.

How Do You Check for Air Drafts in Windows?

To make sure your windows are energy efficient, or if you need to repair or replace your windows, air drafts are one of the major problems you will want to check for. When you check for a draft around your windows you can often feel major cracks or leaks. However, in some cases, air drafts can be hard to detect. Using an incense stick or match, use the smoke to detect drafts. Slowly move the smoke around all four edges of the windows. If the smoke blows back then you know you have a leak.

Condensation on Windows

Have you noticed that your windows have condensation between the panes of glass? If so, this is another sign you will want to watch for. Condensation in between the panes of glass is a sign that the insulating gases that help ensure better efficiency has leaked out. Without the gas in between each pane of glass, your home will basically become a green house and the windows will let the heat pass through the glass and warm up your home. You can repair the glass panes and improve insulation. However, condensation is a common problem found in older windows. You may find it more beneficial to replace older windows with more modern and efficient windows.

Inspect Windows for Cracks & Damage

When inspecting your windows you will want to look for broken or cracked glass. If the glass has a crack or is broken, you will want to have the glass panes replaced. This is not only to improve your home’s energy efficiency, but also for safety reasons. Broken glass is a hazardous element that you do not want to have around the home. Make notes of any broken or cracked glass and make sure you have the glass replaced at the very least.

Failing Window Seal & Deteriorated Caulk

When a window is installed, the outer edge of the window is sealed with a silicone caulking glue. Over time the sealing around the window will begin to deteriorate. The sealant is found along the inside and outside of the windows. Make sure to inspect both sides. If needed, you will want to reseal the windows. If the sealer is deteriorating you will have leaks and worse yet, pests coming through your windows.

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