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What are the Main Parts of Windows in Pico Rivera, CA? Window Head, Sill, Jamb, Glass Pane & Sash

There are lots of parts of a home that will need your attention at some point. You know that you will need to touch up the paint in the house, replace the flooring and update the appliances to name a few. The home is a place that you want to feel safe but you also want to be as efficient as possible. One area of the home that people tend to lose in terms of efficiency are the windows. The residential windows in your home can start to wear out or you may want to upgrade them. The windows need to be sealed and in good condition to help keep the air in the house that you have already paid to cool or heat in and the outside weather out. You might just think that windows are quite simple so you don’t know what could possible go wrong. Having a simple piece of the glass that has been broken is only one area. You should know more about windows and what the parts are that make them up. M & M Glass outlines the different parts of the windows around your home below.

What is a Head & Sill on a Window?

When it comes to a window you want to know what each of the parts of the window are. This will help you when there is a problem knowing what the issue is. You can be more educated when it comes to the parts that might need to be repaired or replaced. The top of the frame is called the head and the bottom of the frame is called the sill. These are the parts that will run horizontally and make up two of the parts of the frame that is needed to secure the window.

What is the Jamb of a Window?

The top and bottom are only half of the frame but there needs to be sides as well. They have their own term which is called the jamb. The sides are connected to the head and the sill and this will make up the frame that is what will hold the actual glass.

Glass Window Pane

The panes are what you would consider the glass that makes up the clear part of the window. Each window can have more than one pane depending on the separation of the type of window that you have. There can be one or several if there is a more intricate window that you chose. The pane is in reference to a single glass piece and that is where the glaze comes into account. The glaze is how many layers the window is made up of. The glaze can be a single glaze that means that a single piece of glass is used. It can also be a double and a triple glaze. If you choose to have a more energy efficient window then you likely have chosen a two or three glazed window.

What is a Sash in a Window?

There are some windows that are stationary and some that are moveable so that you can open and close them. The windows that open have a sash that is used to move the window and the part that moves. This usually has a pane of glass in it but it can slide up or sideways so that the space is opened up.

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